Sage X3 How to send an e-mail

Sometimes X3 developers needs to send e-mail messages at the end of a batch procedure or from a custom form.
To facilitate these tasks I’ve written a simple Subprog that can be use where you need.

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8 thoughts on “Sage X3 How to send an e-mail

  1. Joshita Narrain


    Your code is really helpful. Except while compiling it, I am getting the following error message:

    SEND_MESS: Label in existent.

    It is actually referring to the line 42 of your SEND_MAIL subprogram above. Because I am unable to access the SUBAMSC process since I guess its reserved by X3.

    Could you please help?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    1. matteo72


      you are right it works only with 14x version.

      Let me the time to investigate how to doing the same in newer versions


  2. Joshita Narrain


    I have implemented the mail generation through the workflow functionality on X3 V6.
    The parameters are defined in the workflow rules.


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